How To Apply Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray

Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray is a paint-on wax that provides protection for your car’s paint. It can be used on just about any color of car and makes it easier to maintain the shine. Mothers have been in business since 1925 and their products are trusted by detailers all over the world. Here we will show you how to apply this product so you get the best results possible!

Applying Mothers CMX® Ceramic Spray

-Start by washing the car and then letting it dry -Try getting as much dirt off paint as possible before application (most important) -Apply wax over smooth surfaces (don’t worry about nooks and crannies), wait until fully dried, buff away any streaks if necessary.

Step One: Start by washing the car and then letting it dry. Try to get as much of the dirt off of your paint as you can before application, this will help with any scratches or imperfections when applying Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray.

Step Two: Shake up a small amount on wax (about enough for two square inches). Apply evenly over areas that are smooth–don’t worry about getting every nook and cranny! If there’s some residue left after application, wash gently with soap and water.

Step Three: Wait until the product has dried fully before using an applicator pad to buff out any streaks in order to make sure everything is cleanly applied! You want Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray to be evenly spread to ensure a flawless finish.

Step Four: To apply Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray to the exterior, start by applying it in an X shape from front to back of your car and then tailgate. Then use circular motions with light pressure on the surface to evenly spread out the product. For best results, you should allow 12 hours for drying time before driving or washing your vehicle again!

How long does mothers CMX ceramic coating last?

There are a few factors that determine how long Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray will last on your car. Although it lasts up to one year, there is an average life span of six months due to the exposure to UV light and other environmental elements like rain, wind, freezing temperatures, etc. This means you should apply Mothers CMX once every four months for optimal protection!

Can mothers CMX be used on glass?

No, Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray is not recommended for use on glass.

Can mothers CMX be used in a car wash?

Yes! You can maintain the longevity of your Mothers CMX coating by applying it after every carwash to remove any dirt and oils that may have accumulated during the cleaning process

How do I know if my ceramic coatings are still working correctly?

You should never see water spots or streaking when washing your vehicle with waterless soap (or running hose over dry surface). If you notice these marks then chances are the coating needs reapplication. This will depend heavily on how often you drive around town while keeping up with routine waxing as well as what environmental elements Mother Nature throws at you.

How long does mothers CMX take to cure?

Mothers CMX takes roughly 24 hours to cure and seal with a glossy, shiny coat.

Does mothers cmx come in colors?

No, Mothers Ceramic Spray is available only in clear coats

What does the application process look like for this product?

Apply by spraying evenly over surfaces of vehicle or boat (or other treated surface) then wipe off excess immediately after applying it on your vehicle’s exterior using a cloth. Wait 15-30 minutes before washing these surfaces down with any soap and water solution or hose down the dry surface to remove residue. You can also apply an additional coating at any time during the year as needed.

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