Car Sharing – An Great Solution To Congestion

With congestion continuing to climb on Britain’s roads numerous remedies are proposed, raising tax being the principal one. Nevertheless, every day in the UK there are over 10 million empty seats on the roads. The solution seems to be simple – car.

Car sharing has frequently been talked about but only ever considered to be a small scale option, improbable to truly have a major effect on congestion levels. The evidence indicates otherwise. A 25% increase in car occupancy levels would lead to the variety of commuting autos on the road dropping by 21%. Put another way, if everyone shared a journey once a week, to work just then the effect would not be dissimilar. With over 50% of folks happy to attempt out car sharing this could be an attainable target.

So why has car sharing failed to take off in a big way? Quite simply, a lack of funding. With no cash to increase awareness of the ways as well as car sharing to go about finding someone to share with, the idea of car sharing is always going to be doomed to being an option that is unimportant.

One can only speculate but to authorities the concept of car sharing isn’t so unattractive. It produces no additional government revenue and is in fact likely to reduce it, especially together with the drop in fuel consumption. Compared with all the prospect of continuing to dramatically increase taxes on motorists, a lot of whom have no option but to use their automobiles, car sharing doesn’t stand a chance.

Some great benefits of car sharing are also often greatly underestimated. Car sharing does hugely reduce petrol consumption for the people involved and if encouraged in a large way then congestion and pollution could possibly be reduced. Other benefits include the lower mileage done by each car and also reduced parking problems means they depreciate fast.

Yet, one data that is overlooked is the impact of car sharing on road security. The variety of speeding fines handed out in 2005 in the united kingdom reached the 2 million mark. With road safety being of such evident relevance the stat that 50% reduce the odds of having an injury if there are a couple of members of the car should make the relevant authorities sit up and take note. The best way to boost road safety will be to advertise car sharing. The additional fact it is also reduces pollution and congestion, and makes driving more affordable for the person, should encourage people to take car sharing.

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